Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages

Our CEO is 10 year old Keith Boyd, He has Cerebral Palsy and a vision to start a beverage company.

Thousands of kids across the country start a business during the summer time. However, Keith Boyd isn’t your average kid and not many kids will ever launch a beverage company – so the question is – “What’s Stopping You?”

Keith’s Story – WHAT’S STOPPING YOU?

By James & Erin Boyd

Being a kid is awesome! Hanging out with your friends, playing fetch with the family dog, going to camp in the summer, and for other kids they get the chance to start their own business. There are thousands of kids across the country that start a business during the summer time. However, Keith Boyd isn’t your average kid.

Keith likes going to camp, he likes hanging out with his friends and he loves his pet chicken. But the truth is, Keith has Cerebral Palsy. He cannot control his arms or legs. He cannot sit up on his own or even speak. He communicates by using a computer, which he controls solely with the use of his eyes.

In Spring of 2012, 8-year-old Keith Boyd wanted to raise money for a toy truck. With Christmas far away and no birthday in sight, his parents asked him to come up with an idea to do so. What was the idea? Tulsa’s best lemonade stand!

Keith’s lemonade stand was very successful and he raised more than enough money for his toy, so Keith made the decision to give back. He did so by giving the rest of the money to his Alma Mater, The Little Light House, a school for special needs children ages birth through six. The Little Light House was instrumental in his success using the Tobii device, giving Keith a voice.

After another successful lemonade stand in 2013, he immediately started planning his stand for the next summer. In the spring of 2014, Arthur Greeno, a Chick-fil-A Franchisee and Board Member on The Little Light House, heard Keith’s story and was inspired to meet with him. The two hit it off, and came up with a super fun goal – the world’s largest lemonade stand. “I knew we could do it, when I saw this 10 year old show up with a business plan in hand at our first meeting”. Arthur, who is also a mentor with Thrive 15 (, agreed to help Keith’s dream come true. Due to Keith’s drive and passion for this project “Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade Stand” launched with 10 locations all over the Tulsa market, and has raised over $100,000 for The Little Light House. With bigger goals to achieve, both Keith and the people behind the stands decided to continue inspiring people by launching Keith’s Ice Cold Beverages, bringing to you these juice boxes and 20oz bottles. A portion of the proceeds from this product help fund “The Keith Boyd Foundation” and will continue to help give kids just like Keith a voice, so they too can share their dreams and make them a reality.

Not many 10 year-old kids will ever launch a beverage company, and not many kids are like Keith Boyd – so the question is – “What’s Stopping You?”

Check out this Thrive15 video starring Keith…