Start your own Stand

We are so excited you are interested in joining us in having a stand of your own joining us in the national movement. Here is how it works. If you sign up to run a stand, we will send you some key elements. Make sure you put the dates you want to do it, as well as the times, and maybe we can send a press release to your local paper connecting you with us.

For your donation of $100 to The Little Light House we will send you: 4 Keith’s Ice Cold Lemonade shirts, 4 armbands, 2 digital versions of the logo for you to print, one in color and one Coloring book version (in case your kids want to color it).

Please fill out the form below, so that we can send you the items you need for your new Lemonade Stand. Then use that entrepreneurial spirit to generate lemonade sales! Make it as basic or as elaborate as you would like. Whatever money you raise, if you want to contribute it to the cause as well, you can simply go online and make a donation toward that.

I want to start a Lemonade Stand